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what’s the problem?

  • Most companies do not have dedicated leadership training, leaving newly minted managers to “figure it out”.
  • Issues related to retention are only discovered as talented team members are leaving the organization.
  • Women are left behind as the company fails to adapt to their specific needs – and benefit from what they can bring to the table.

so what is the solution?

you need an expert

By bringing in an outside expert, companies can get a clear, unbiased view of what is happening – and give direct support to both high achievers and those who need a boost.

It’s difficult to solve the issue from inside the house.

True Solutions

True Cycle Coaching, Inc. is a full-service coaching, consulting, and training company. That means we are able to not only diagnose areas of potential growth in an organization, but we can provide the direct support and relief.

Our specialties include:

  • Intensive leadership coaching and training for top performers
  • Workshops targeted at company culture, diversity, and communication
  • Training specifically focused on issues facing female leaders

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We have a simple three step process you can follow to start your company’s path to growth.

  1. Set up a strategy call
  2. Launch a dedicated program
  3. Assess results